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(8/22/1997 - 7/19/2000)

Here we see the great Pez investigating the goings on in the room from the top of her cage ladder. (Sept. 1997). Pez is a simple dark brown/grey and white hooded rat. Her birthday is on August 22, 1997.

Pez is older here - this is March 1998. Curiosity and a tendancy to get into trouble still characterize her attitude.

"Now if I can just push the top off with my nose, I will be free!" "Hey, I wonder if I can jump down that far?"
"Hey, now that looks good. Gimme some of that!" "Oh NO! I've been squeezed!"

Here I am with my favorite little troublemaker.

Pez on a new adventure...

Pez being the ever studious rat, reads up on her engineering material and walks a few laps around the couch to relax during a study break.

She is now nicknamed Little Miss Lumpy because of the recurring tumor she now sports. At two and a half years of age, this old lady has lived a full life.

Pez 2000

Pez figures if she just grows a little bit more, she can manage to drink this beer all by herself. Pez trying to look as innocent as possible. "No way was I digging in your flowerpot, honest!"

Pez wants to know why she isn't in this picture.
"Hmmm, if I can jump far enough without him seeing me, I'll be able to clear this fence and be on the outside. Now to wait for the oppertunity..."

July 19, 200: Pez passes away.

The picture was taken on July 16, 2000, when it became apparent that Pez would require surgery for her tumor.

After surgery at the LSU Vet school to remove the second tumor she has had for the past 8 months after she started nibbling at it, Pez came out of the surgery fine but passed away some time in the recovery. We will miss her.

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